Welcome to Gravity!

It is
Free ... Green ... Natural ... Powerful ... Responsive ... Dependable ... Calorie-Free
Clean ... Non-Invasive ... Unadulterated ... Available 24/7 ... Easily Accessible ...
In Unlimited Supply ... WithoutSide Effects ... Trustworthy ... Truthful.

Up! with Gravity


Physical Therapy at On Solid Ground is about You and Gravity.It’s about your experiences with gravity, your beliefs regarding gravity, your feelings about gravity and your use of gravity. Why? Because so much of our lives depend upon our relationship with Gravity – our stature, our strength, our stamina, our sense of security as well as our ability to live in comfort and balance.

At On Solid Ground you have the opportunity to reconsider Gravity. It may become an effective Teacher and Partner. You will discover how to use Gravity’s dual forces for your benefit. You will develop a healthy interaction with Gravity that designs your bones, tones your muscles and supports your body with integrity. You will feel how Gravity provides rest when you need it most and a gentle lift when you want to get moving. You mayfind that Gravity offers a new source of strength and grace. You will learn what Gravity can do foryou.

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