About On Solid Ground

Ms. Mary Ann Molnar, MS, PT is the owner and sole practitioner at On Solid Ground. Founded in 1999, OSG arose from a long-held belief that Gravity - commonly blamed for many of our health woes - is here to help us. It became her professional and personal goal to understand if this were true. She wanted to practice the art of using Gravity for wellness. She is pleased to share her discoveries by assisting her clients to establish an active alliance with Gravity, creating benefit for the rest of their lives.

Professionally, Ms Molnar holds a Masters of Science degree from the Graduate Physical Therapy Curriculum at Case Western Reserve University, 1970. She studied at the University of Iowa in the Physical Therapy Doctoral Program between 1974 and 1976 and was a Research Assistant in the Orthopedic Gait Laboratory where her love for the study of walking grew.

Her clinical experience includes multiple healthcare settings - acute care, rehabilitation, subacute care and home care. In private practice she has assisted clients with a wide range of neurological, orthopedic and cardiopulmonary problems, including joint replacements, chronic pain syndromes, auto accidents and on-the-job injuries. She has assisted musicians, athletes, pregnant and post-partum mothers, computer programmers and many elders and their families. She has assisted infants less than 24-hours old and elders of 100-plus years.

In addition to seeing clients she devotes her time and energy to 1.) developing products that help us understand and live creatively with Gravity's pushes and pulls, 2.) authoring a book on the complexity and challenges of aligning ourselves along Gravity's corridors and 3.) developing curriculum for classes and professional courses.

And ... she has recently discovered Twitter. You can follow Mary Ann at #OnSolidGroundPT.

Medical Arts Building • 2000 Van Ness Avenue, Ste 509a • San Francisco, CA 94109 • Ph: (415) 440 - 4763

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