Physical Therapy at On Solid Ground

A Gravity-Based Appproach

At OSG we assess your difficulties from Gravity's perspective. This means we evaluate your posture, motion and activities of daily living as if viewing you from the center of the earth. We note the pathway Gravity takes from your head-to-toes and toes-to-head. If all is well, we see that Gravity makes a smooth and continuous journey from top to bottom. Sometimes, we see that Gravity's path is obstructed and jumps over a "restriction" before reaching its destiny. Sometimes, we see where Gravity's pathway twists or bends to reach its goal. Gravity's detours indicate where we need to work and what we need to do. We must assist Gravity when it loses its way during its vertical travels.

Gravity - At Your Service

At OSG we know that difficulties need to be addressed within their context. We use a selection of approaches to effect changes in the SWEETFactors of body usage:Space, Weight, Effort, Energy and Time.These approaches include: 1.) Experiential Balance and Motion, 2.) Gravity-Based Exercise, 3.) Soft Tissue Release, 4.) Bone and Joint Mobilization, and 5.) Ergonomic Application. You will learn to decipher Gravity's messages and cooperate with its new workings. The changes you make in the basic components of balance and motion will permit Gravity to travel through your body inclusively. As a result, you will be able to re-route Gravity's forces so they serve you well. You will re-set the accuracy of your personal GPS so that Gravity becomes a reliable reference system.

Live in Gravity's Favor

During this process you may be surprised to find that Gravity is worthy of your respect and gratitude. You will find it offers you a creative and long-term means to resolve your difficulties. You will experience a new sense of comfort, fluidity, strength, poise and joy. We hope you discover what you feel like when you areOn Solid Ground. May you Stand with Strength and Walk with Wisdom. Eureka!

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